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Christiaan's blog posts

The internet of things will be without coffee

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I generally like products that are connected to the internet and to remotely control appliances around the house, for example by using my mobile phone as the remote. For example controlling the heating, lighting or music around the house. Today, for most of these concepts ready made solutions are commercially available and are often plug-and-play. Unfortunately, in most cases, the added connectivity isn't making the product more enjoyable. Often, it does not even solve only one of the problems traditional non-connected products had. Take for example the coffee machine.

Temperature monitoring with the Raspberry Pi

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For a catering industry related project, I wanted to create a simple web page which shows a log of the temperatures of a set of refrigerators and freezers. So I needed to create a small system that reads some temperature sensors and sends this to a database for further processing. I had a Raspberry Pi lying around which I didn't actually use, so I created a simple setup with the Pi and multiple DS18B20 temperature sensors.